GTA 5 cheats codes GTA 5 on PC Make character invincible and alot more

GTA 5 cheats

gta 5

GTA 5 cheats.


GTA 5 cheats codes for GTA 5 on PC. Make your characters invincible, get infinite ammo, spawn vehicles and more.

(PAINKILLER )   — Invincibility for five minutes.

  (FUGITIVE)        — This will increase your wanted level by one star each time you enter it.

(LAWYERUP)      — This will have the opposite effect, dropping your wanted level by one star.

   (TURTLE)           — Instantly give yourself maximum health and armour.

    (TOOLUP)         — This will fill your inventory up with one of every type of weapon and plenty of ammo.

(HOPTOIT)           — Gives you a super powerful jump that’s a lot of fun, and you don’t take damage when you land.

 (CATCHME)        — Makes you run a lot faster.

(MAKEITRAIN)  — Cycles between weather states.

   (GOTGILLS)      — Swim faster.

  (POWERUP)       — Recharges the special ability meter of each singleplayer character.

   (SKYDIVE)         — Gives you a parachute.

 (HOTHANDS)     — Gives you explosive melee attacks. Is silly and fun.

    (HIGHEX)         —  Makes your bullets explosive.

    (LIQUOR)          — Switches on drunk mode, in case you needed that.

  (DEADEYE)        — Enables slowmotion aiming, and stacks up to three times.

  (SKYFALL)         — Spawns you in the sky.

  (FLOATER)         — Enables moon gravity, but it doesn’t have a massive effect, really.

  (SNOWDAY)       — Makes your car a bit slide-y.

  (SLOWMO)          — Makes the world slow, and can be entered several times for maximum slow motion.

Vehicle spawn cheats in GTA 5

(BANDIT) Spawns a BMX.

(FLYSPRAY) Spawns a duster aircraft.

(RAPIDGT) Gets you a fast car.

(BUZZOFF) Spawns a Buzzard helicopter.

(COMET) Another fast car.

(OFFROAD) Gets you the Sanchez bike.

(HOLEIN1) Gets you a little golf car.

(BARNSTORM) Spawns a stunt plane.

(TRASHED) A garbage truck.

(VINEWOOD) A limo.

(ROCKET) A motorcycle


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