Fortnite New Mode "Getaway" Revealed Here During Livestream ..

Fortnite New Mode “Getaway” Revealed Here During Livestream


New Fortnite Mode “Getaway” Revealed Here During Livestream

The next big Fortnite update will add a new event called High Stakes. This will add one new outfit and four masks (pictured below), as well as a brand-new Limited Time Mode called “Getaway.” Developer Epic Games will show off the new mode for the first time during a PAX West stream on Twitch yesterday, September 2.

You can watch the stream through the embed below. The gameplay reveal is slated for 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET / 11 AM Sydney (September 3), so check back soon to watch the event.

Fortnite’s High Stakes event also includes a series of challenges to complete and be able to get their hands on the new Wild Card skin. The High Stakes event appears to be themed around heists and gambling.

In other Fortnite news, Epic has added really groovy outfits and gear to the game in the form of the Flower Power set.

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