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Forged Fantasy is an online action-based mobile game that was produced and released by Hothead Games in early July. This game is set in the fantasy of Western Europe, Forged Fantasy brings the very new and unexpected elements to players, in both terms of gameplay and images. Immediately after its release, the Forged Fantasy quickly attracted the attention of gamers around the world. In this article, ApkMod will review some of the most attractive features of this game and show you how to download it to your device.

Forged Fantasy 3

Forged Fantasy – Attractive tactics gameplay

Basically, the game Forged Fantasy has a tactical gameplay combined with dramatic actions. Entering the game, you will be a talented warrior, possessing a small team of warriors with a variety of combat and defense capabilities to begin the journey of adventure. You will rely on the situation and tactics to immerse your characters and complete the missions. You will need to constantly change the characters to win as fast as possible and minimize the casualties for your character. The most impressive thing in the gameplay of Forged Fantasy is that players can comfortably express the great tactical thinking in both inside and outside of the game. The game will have some major game modes such as PvP, PvP or Solo Raid.

Forged Fantasy 2

The control system of the Forged Fantasy is also quite simple as it has been optimized for the mobile platform. At the start of a match, each character is automatically placed in a position that matches the character’s combat style. Once the team has stabilized, the player will sequentially control each character to attack, launch, dodge, change position depending on the going-on situation and follow the tactics that has been set from the start.

Forged Fantasy 4

It may seem quite easy, but building tactics as well as changing the gameplay according to the situation is not easy. You have to calculate the details from the position of the characters in the team, choose the reasonable character to throw in advance or find a hiding place for the character. Therefore, Forged Fantasy requires players to have a good thinking and sharp ability to change tactics.

Graphic eye catching

The game Forged Fantasy has the sharp 3D graphics with the Western European’s mysterious style, bringing the most vivid images to the players. The impressive thing in the image of the game Forged Fantasy is the creation of the extremely eye-catching characters with the different appearance and a variety of costumes. Along with that are the visual effects such as light, shadow, shadow, … which have been carefully developed to make the game more alive.

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