Battlefield 5 Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Graphics Options.......

Battlefield 5 Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Graphics Options and open beta has a profanity filter

battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Graphics Options and open beta has a profanity filter.


With the Battlefield 5 open beta client now available to download, the game’s numerous “Options” tab on console has become available to see for one of the first times. While PC players might be accustomed to having a wealth of graphics and control options to tweak, this level of personal customisation is a relatively new phenomenon on console.

In Battlefield V, there are a ridiculous number of things you can change. For controls, you can do basic things like toggle vibration on or off and go inverted. There are also sliders for solider stick sensitivity, vehicle stick sensitivity, and zoom sensitivity from 0 to 100. There are also numerous different button layouts you can choose from for your solider and vehicles. On the more advanced side of control options, you can adjust things like the dead zone–which is how much you need to move the stick before it activates. There are also zoom sensitivity sliders for 1-10X zoom and sensitivity sliders for tanks and turrets.

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In terms of gameplay options, you can choose to show or hide all HUD elements or player-created content. You can also decide if you want the kill log to show a weapon icon, a name, or both, while you can turn the kill log off entirely if you want. Additionally, there is a slider for “Share Usage Data,” which, when turned off (it’s on by default), will limit the data that EA collects while you’re playing to only that which is “necessary to operate [the game].” Turning this off “may result in loss of functionality,” though it’s not clear what functionality may be lost.

The User Agreement for the Battlefield V beta contains more details about EA’s use of your personal data. It states that EA may collect information like your IP address and operating system, along with gameplay elements like how much you play and what you do in the game. The notes also explain that EA will still collect your data if you play offline by grabbing it once you connect back to the internet. It’s not immediately clear how this applies to the Battlefield V beta, as it’s a multiplayer beta that requires you to be connected to the internet.

Battlefield V’s gameplay customisation goes much further.

You can now set the specific colour you see when you hit an enemy, including a specific colour option for headshots. A nice little colour palette pops up from within the menu to let you pick a colour. Additionally, you can change the size of the minimap and adjust the opacity of friendly and enemy soldiers, as well as the opacity of objectives.

On the sound side, you can change the level of the master and music volume, and also turn the in-game announcer on or off. You can also make the announcer voice speak in a native language. Finally, some of the video settings you can change include basic things like brightness and field of view, while you can adjust motion blur with a slider from 0-100 %. You can also toggle on or off weapon depth of field, chromatic abberation, film grain, lens distortion.

Click through the images in the gallery above that GameSpot captured on Xbox One to get a broader sense of what you can adjust in Battlefield 5. Bear in mind that this information comes from the game’s beta menu, so the final version might be different.

Battlefield V’s open beta begins on September 6, but people who pre-ordered and those with an EA/Origin Access subscription can start playing on September 4. For more on the beta, here’s everything you need to know about its maps, modes, and more.


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