call of Duty Strike Team offline Android game download MOd Apk.

call of duty strike team

A mix of real-time strategy and first-person shooter style gaming.

Mixing these two types of game play makes for an entertaining experience. When in first-person shooter mode, you’re able to move around, fire weapons or switch between team members. Switch to real-time strategy mode and get a bird’s eye view of the strategic targets. In RTS mode, it’s possible to move entire teams or individuals into positions, to execute your plans of attack. The game is made more engaging by its need to switch between the two modes, in order to progress through it.

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A respectable addition to the series.

Plenty of campaign missions and a story line that is interesting enough and links the missions together quite well, make for a decent game. As is common with this genre of game, it gets even more interesting as you progress through the levels, increasing your weapons arsenal and related options for game play.

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